Vnukovo-3 is the largest business aviation hub in Russia and Eastern Europe. We have been working with the company for over 5 years. Each year we develop a new design and corporate gifts for the entire staff.

Contigo — next generation thermo mugs

A distinctive feature of all beverage containers marketed under the Contigo brand is their striking design. Each product features modern, streamlined shapes of glasses and mugs, made with bright and environmentally friendly materials, with ergonomic and reliable structural elements. Contigo is impossible to miss on the street or in the fitness room — which is why they can be an excellent advertising medium.

Bugatti Umbrellas (Germany)

If you are looking for a personalised gift guaranteed to be high quality and issued under a well-known brand, you would certainly be interested in the Bugatti umbrella. These branded umbrellas are made according to the most advanced technology from modern materials, including stainless steel or carbon fiber needles that are highly reliable.

Set with logo

Bright contrasting colors and unusual functional details — the business set will definitely not be boring. A planner and pen for inspiring work, with the pencil laser engraved in the company’s corporate color.

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